3 Cosmetic Fixes That Can Make Your Smile Go a Long Way

cosmetic dentistry Abington, PAHaving a clean, healthy, straight, and an otherwise good-looking smile shows a lot about you— especially in the business field. If you work in an industry that requires a lot of customer facing, having a strong, clean, healthy smile is a must at showing off how professional you are. Here at McDowell Dental Group, we specialize in a variety of different areas— including cosmetic dentistry— to help patients get the smile of their dreams to chase their dreams in the process.


Having cracked, crooked, completely discolored, or chipped teeth are enough to make you want to hide your head under the boardroom table. Luckily, with just one simple step, we can help restore your smile and give you the confidence needed to make a big presentation every day. By filing down your existing teeth and placing porcelain veneers on top, we can help correct all of the problems listed above.


There are some instances in which professional whitening won’t be effective, and it may require dental veneers for you to get a whiter smile. However, in most instances as long as your teeth are discolored on the surface, we will be able to whiten them drastically— leaving you with the whitest smile of your life.


If pesky fine lines and wrinkles around your mouth are putting a damper on your smile, then we can help out. By using dermal fillers, we can temporarily fill in those fine lines and wrinkles— leaving you with a more youthful looking complexion in the process.

Ready to learn more about how you can make your smile look more professional and trustworthy? Schedule your dental consultation at our Abington office today!

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