Schedule a dental examination and treatment before your benefits end!

Dental Exams & Cleanings Abington & Jenkintown, PAWhile it’s only October, the end of the year will be here before you know it! And at this time, many patients with dental insurance plans may be losing a variety of monetary benefits they have available to them during the year. Additionally, during the busier holiday season, it can be more difficult to get to the dentist for a routine visit. The team of McDowell Dental Group encourages Abington, PA patients to schedule their dental checkup and cleaning well in advance to make best use of their dental insurance benefits.

Don’t lose your benefits from dental insurance

Most dental insurance plans offer benefits that are only available in the current calendar year. This means that after the new year, these incentives are lost as they do not roll over into the following year. Instead of letting benefits such as these expire, patients should schedule a visit with their dentist for a cleaning and examination while they can.

Checkups and cleanings

Routine dental visits with Drs. Gary McDowell and Ashley McDowell are fast, simple, and affordable when using dental insurance benefits. These visits allow our dental hygienists to clean the surfaces of the teeth and gums. X-rays are taken to check dental health below the gumline where the dentist cannot see with the naked eye. Our dental team works together to determine if there are signs of problems such as tooth decay or periodontal disease which may have been indicated during the cleaning. Conditions such as these are quickly diagnosed and addressed with treatment to bring the smile back to health. Oral health and wellness depends on regular visits to the dentist for monitoring and progress. During this time, patients can also discuss with their dentist any elective or cosmetic procedures they are interested in learning more about.

Ready for a visit?

Abington, PA area patients interested in using their dental insurance benefits in a timely manner are encouraged to book an examination and cleaning with the team at McDowell Dental Group. Drs. Gary McDowell and Ashley McDowell can provide comprehensive care for other concerns during this same visit. Call (215) 885-0555 today to discuss your needs and how to best use your dental benefits before the end of the year.

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