How to Cut Down On Your Tooth Grinding

General Dentistry Jenkintown, PAIf you are keeping your significant other up at night because of your constant teeth grinding or if you have noticed that your teeth are starting to look like someone has been filing them down, then it may be time to get ahold of your teeth grinding habit once and for all. But how?

A Mouth Guard

Whether you get a mouth guard over the counter or from our McDowell Dental Group office, it should help you significantly cut down on how much teeth grinding you do each and every night. How? Your mouth guard acts as a barrier between your top teeth and your bottom teeth which means that they have no way of working against each other when you sleep.

Warm Washcloths

One of the thing that you want to do before you go to bed is to try to relax your jaw. If your jaw is clenched and tight before you go to bed, then you are more likely to grind it while you’re sleeping. To help it feel more relaxed, apply some warm washcloths to your cheeks and around your jaw before you fall asleep; the heat will help loosen up your jaw and make you feel calmer.

Cut Down on your Stress

One of the leading causes of teeth grinding at night is stress. To help you find some relief from your teeth grinding, try to cut down on your stress; especially before bed. A good way to do that is to practice some deep breathing exercises before bed or even do a little bit of yoga.

Grinding your teeth is a bad habit that’s definitely worth breaking. If you are a teeth grinder, do your mouth a favor and get it taken care of before it gets worse. To learn more about how to treat teeth grinding, schedule a dental appointment at our Abington office and call us at (215) 885-0555.

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