How to make time for your dental appointments

If your family’s schedule is as busy as most, you know how difficult it can be to work in a routine dental visit. Between extra-curricular activities, school, work, and other household responsibilities, fitting in an hour for a cleaning seems almost impossible. Unfortunately, your oral health needs should take precedent. Our dentists at McDowell Dental Group in Abington, PA encourage patients to make these visits a priority.

Below are just a few ways to make sure you can make time for these necessary dental visits! 

  • Communicate with our front office team. The team at McDowell Dental Group work routinely with people who need special accommodations to fit their busy schedules. When you call for an appointment, let us know the time constraints in your schedule so we can find the perfect day and time for your visit.
  • Schedule an appointment in the early morning. The first few appointment of the day often run on time, while appointments later in the day might require longer waiting if setbacks have occurred with previous patients. If you have limited time for an appointment, consider an early morning visit with our team.
  • Call before your scheduled appointment. To make sure the practice is on time for later appointments, call the office about an hour or two before your visit to doublecheck your expected arrival time. This reduces lost productivity or long wait times in the waiting room before your visit.
  • Be prepared for your appointment. If you have any changes in your health, your dental insurance plan, or your oral health, notifying the front office team before the visit can help us make the necessary adjustments and shorten your expected wait time.
  • Use wait time productively. Instead of flipping through a magazine in our waiting room, use this time to perform certain tasks, such as paying your bills on your phone, ordering your groceries, or emailing your work colleagues.
  • Commit in advance. By making your next appointment before you leave the office, you are getting your next visit in on the calendar long before you book other events or commitments.

Ready for an appointment? 

Connect with the McDowell Dental Group today! Our team can be reached by calling (215) 885-0555 to schedule a visit to 1047 Old York Road in Abington, PA. Drs. Gary McDowell and Ashley McDowell are excited to meet you!  

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