The ABC’s of Brushing Your teeth

Cleanings & PreventionWith school back in business, you may have a lot of homework on your mind. Whether you yourself are a student, your kids are students, or your grandkids are students, back to school time can be both fun and exciting. To stay with the spirit of the season, we have created some easy reminders for you and your family to remember when you’re cleaning your teeth.

A: Always Floss First

One of the steps of the teeth cleaning process that a lot of our patients forget to do is floss. Make sure that you and your family are flossing before you brush your teeth; that way, you get everything out of your teeth before you finish the cleaning process. When flossing, get at least 18 inches of dental floss and wrap each end around your index finger. Then, gently push the dental floss to the bottom of your gums and pull upwards to get the plaque, food, and germs out from in between your teeth.

B: Brush

The next and most obvious step is to brush your teeth. Make sure that you not only brush with a soft-bristled toothbrush but that you also brush with a fluoridated toothbrush as well. The fluoride acts as your teeth’s natural defense against cavities, and it makes them stronger.

C: Cleanse In Between Each Step

The other thing that we tell our patients is to cleanse or rinse their mouth in between flossing and brushing, and then again right after brushing. Rinsing your mouth with clean water will help you get rid of anything that came off when you were brushing or flossing your teeth.

If you have little kids who just can’t seem to stay on top of their oral health, then teach them these ABC’s as a helpful reminder. To learn more about ways that you can take better care of your teeth, contact our Abington office and call us at (215) 885-0555.

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