What a Healthy Mouth Means for Your Financial Future

General Dentistry Abington, PA You have a good resume, you work hard, and your list of references is outstanding, but you still can’t land a job. Even though you can’t magically make an employer hire you, your appearance could be playing a larger role in your ability to be hireable than you are aware of— especially if the job you are applying for requires a lot of customer interfacing. Let’s take a closer look at what some statistics say about how a healthy mouth may influence your ability to get a job.


Your first impression is practically everything— especially when it comes time to land a job. According to a report released by The American Dental Association, 28% of young adults said that the appearance of their mouth and teeth affected their ability to interview for a job.


Your confidence plays a huge role in your ability to land a job. The more confident you are during a first and second interview with a potential employer, the surer they are going to feel about hiring you. People who are confident in themselves tend to reassure employers that they are making a good investment in hiring them. And, one of the best ways to show you’re confident is to smile and engage with your future employers. However, according to the same study released by the ADA, 25% of adults avoid smiling due to their poor oral health— lowering their ability to appear confident.


Dressing up, standing tall, acting confident, and speaking all help make you come across as professional, but for some employers, all of that can go out the door if you flash a mouth full of bad teeth or missing teeth. Employers like to invest in people who invest in themselves.

Your oral health may not be the reason you didn’t land the job of your dreams, but it could certainly play a part.

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