3 Myths About Snoring

Sleep Apnea Treatment Abington, PASnoring is something that cannot only keep you, as the snorer, up all night but it can keep your whole household awake. And although snoring may be something funny for your kids to tease you about, it may be more serious than you think. To help you better understand snoring, we have created a list of three common myths about this condition. Read on to learn more.

Myth #1: It Can’t Be Treated

Snoring can be caused by a variety of different issues, but most commonly, it is caused by a condition called sleep apnea. During sleep apnea, the tissues in the back of your throat close off— obstructing your ability to breathe which results in loud snoring and a variety of health issues. Luckily, here at McDowell Dental Group, we can work to correct your sleep apnea and get you feeling like your normal self again.

Myth #2: It’s More Common Among Men

For some reason, there’s a common misconception that snoring is more common among men than women. However, because there is no gender trait related to snoring, that simply is false. In fact, women are equally as likely to snore as men— you just might not know as many female snorers.

Myth #3: It’s Fine

You can shrug off a variety of health related issues including a broken toe, ingrown hairs, or even one foot that’s bigger than the other. However, one thing you shouldn’t avoid is snoring. Although you may not think it’s serious, as previously mentioned, snoring is often indicative of other underlying health issues such as sleep apnea. Make sure to get an examination by your general practitioner if you are a chronic snorer.

To learn more about sleep apnea treatment, contact McDowell Dental Group today and schedule an appointment with our staff!

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