BOTOX and Dental Work: How They Actually Go Hand in Hand

Botox For Smile LinesThere is a wide range of products and services when it comes to the cosmetic industry. Some of the largest services that may come to mind are BOTOX and cosmetic dentistry. However, these two services can feel mutually exclusive. Except that is actually far from the truth! Instead, dermal fillers like BOTOX and cosmetic dentistry can go together perfectly. So let’s take a look at how things like BOTOX for smile lines and cosmetic dentistry go hand in hand.

Enhancing a Smile

When dermal fillers like BOTOX and cosmetic dentistry work together to reach a goal, it’s often to enhance someone’s smile. This is done by different techniques, and each side has a role to play. So let’s take a look at how both play their part.

Dental Work

Dental work plays a major role in the core of the smile. Teeth get straightened, implants are done, teeth are whitened, veneers are used, crowns are implanted, decaying teeth are removed, and so much more is done to ensure the perfect smile. However, outside of the mouth is where dental work stops being as effective.


BOTOX is essentially the cherry on top of dental work. When extensive dental work has been done to enhance your smile, the last thing you want is for the muscles and skin around your mouth to detract from it. BOTOX can be used to smooth out smile lines, laugh lines, wrinkles, fine lines, and other skin imperfections to bring the focus back to your beautiful new smile. As a bonus, BOTOX can even be used to relax upper lip muscles to prevent a gummy smile.

Getting It Done in One Place

All of this information is great, but it can sound like a headache having to go between a dentist and a plastic surgeon to get all of this work done. Instead, you can just work with our team at McDowell Dental Group, which provides dental and dermal filler services! Our team of doctors has over 50 years of combined experience and works hard to provide you with the smile you deserve. So if you’re ready to bring your smile to the next level, contact McDowell Dental Group at 215-885-0555 today.

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