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Preventative dental care is the foundation for a healthy mouth. We at McDowell Dental Group educate our patients on the importance of taking an active role in caring for their teeth in order to prevent disease before it starts. Aside from practicing good hygiene at home including daily brushing and flossing, professional checkups are critical to remove the biofilm from your teeth. Biofilms are the complex microbes that marinate into the gums causing periodontal disease. Our hygienists use micro-ultrasonic technology to remove these bacteria allowing the gums to heal. Combining good home care with regular professional cleanings reduces your risk of emergencies and complications relating to your smile. Preventative dental care enables us to diagnose and treat potential problems at an early stage.

Why Choose McDowell Dental Group

At McDowell Dental Group, our hygienists have had extensive training in the latest technologies. The most current research shows that there is a mouth-body connection and one’s general health is directly related to healthy teeth and gums. Consequently, Wendi and Rosemary complete 5 screenings during each hygiene visit. These screenings are:

  1. Risk Assessment – evaluating one’s medical history considering factors that may influence or cause disease
  2. Intra and Extra Oral Head & Neck Oral Cancer Screening – with the aid of our Identafi® oral cancer screening light
  3. Periodontal Screening – where gum and bone health are discussed
  4. Restorative Screening – screening for active decay & any broken down dentistry
  5. Occlusal Screening – where we analyze the TMJ joint, muscles and teeth to make sure they are working in harmony

The highest quality care

In addition, necessary digital radiographs that provide superior diagnostics with minimal exposure will be taken. Your teeth will be cleaned with the most current microsonic technology which is comfortable yet thorough. Our comprehensive screenings and thorough exams are intended to inform and educate our patients while delivering the highest quality care to achieve optimum results.

“Great place. Dr. Ashley is a wonderful dentist and the staff are just the kindest people! I’m grateful I found this dentist. I always feel so confident going there for a procedure because they do everything they can to help me feel comfortable.” – Dominique H.

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McDowell Dental Group proudly provides dental exams and teeth cleanings to patients in Abington, Jenkintown, Horsham, Willow Grove, and Philadelphia, PA. For more information call (215) 885-0555 or fill out our contact form today!

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