Does Your Child Have Braces? 3 Healthy Snacks for the Movies

braces-for-kidsOne of the things that children dread most about getting braces is the inability to indulge in some of their favorite snacks like popcorn and taffy— which can make going to the movies be a lot less appealing. However, because those things are not only bad for your child’s oral health but bad for their physical health as well, it’s a good idea to bring some healthy alternatives with you to the movie theater for all of your kids to indulge in— not just your brace wearing ones. Read on to learn more.

Cheesy Rice Cakes
Nothing can be quite as tantalizing as walking into the movie theater only to get a wiff of the aroma of buttery, salty popcorn. However, as one of the foods that can cause the most wear and tear on your child’s orthodontia, it’s important to avoid popcorn at all costs. As an alternative that is both tasty and healthy, try bringing with you some cheesy rice cakes. Found at almost every grocery store, these rice cakes are dusted in a cheesy powder— that is similar to Cheetos— which will help to satisfy your child’s sweet tooth and not give them the extra fat and calories of butter popcorn.

Fruit Leather
Does your child love to go to the movies and snack on sweet, gummy candy? Have you noticed just how sticky gummy candy is and how it can easily get trapped in their braces and brackets? In order to avoid the whole debacle of getting that trapped candy out of their teeth, try a healthier and less sticky alternative like all-natural fruit leather. Made of only fruit— and vegetables in some cases— fruit leather is not only healthy but it is tasty as well, and isn’t nearly as sticky which means that it won’t get trapped in your child’s teeth.

Chocolate Covered Fruit and Nuts
If your child is more of a chocolate lover, bring some chocolate covered dried fruit and nuts with you to the movie theater. If your child isn’t a fan of chocolate covered raisins, try getting something like chocolate covered acai blueberries instead— these are not only nutritious but delicious as well.

Going to the movies can bum your child out when they find out they can’t eat popcorn and sticky candy because of their braces. However, by introducing your child to the above healthy snacks, you can help to create a more enjoyable experience for them! To learn more about pediatric dental health and care, contact McDowell Dental Group office today!

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