How to Properly Care for Your Braces

bracesAre you considering getting braces for either yourself or your child? As one of the best ways to transform your teeth from something a bit out of a nightmare to something worthy of Vogue magazine, braces are an easy and affordable option. However, if you don’t take proper care of your teeth while wearing braces, you can suffer from things like discoloration and even cavities. Read on to learn more.


Because the process of straightening your teeth through braces involved metal brackets that are glued to your natural teeth, it’s fairly easy for your teeth to become discolored. For instance, if parts of your teeth are covered by brackets and you drink a lot of coffee, the part of your teeth that are exposed will become stained by the coffee. In order to prevent any sort of discoloration from occurring while you have braces, make sure to brush your teeth with a whitening toothpaste after you eat every meal and especially after you drink beverages such as coffee, black tea, or red wine.


Cavities are notorious for hiding themselves between teeth and in any small crevice they can find— that’s why people with braces are especially prone to getting cavities, because they can form between your teeth and the brackets or wires. Additionally, it’s easier for food to get trapped in between your teeth and braces which can also contribute to cavities. As a precautionary suggestion, try using a water flosser every night before bed. The high powered water will help to dislodge any food that may be trapped in between your teeth.

The benefits of braces can not only make you look more beautiful but they can also give you the confidence you’ve always desired. If you are interested in getting braces or if you would like to learn more, contact McDowell Dental group today!



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