Silver diamine fluoride treatment for children and adults

 Fluoride | General Dentistry Abington PAThe team of McDowell Dental Group understands the importance of good oral health habits. By taking care of the smile, patients can avoid the development of problems such as tooth decay and periodontal disease. One way in which our team helps reduce the likelihood of cavities is to provide special fluoride treatment that can protect the smile by instantly stopping the process of decay while protecting it from further problems. Our dentists, Drs. Gary and Ashley McDowell, are excited to offer silver diamine fluoride treatments for both children and adults.

What is silver diamine fluoride?

Silver diamine fluoride, or SDF, is a special treatment that is applied directly onto cavities to stop them from progressing further. Unlike other topical fluorides which are designed to protect the teeth from future decay, SDF works immediately to address current decay. It is a less invasive way to treat cavities once they have formed. Once a cavity has been treated with this special fluoride, the tooth will no longer be sensitive or painful for the individual. However, it is known for leaving a darkened appearance to the treated cavity, which can be easily addressed by placing composite resin over the top of the tooth for aesthetic purposes.

What else can I do to avoid cavity development?

The best way to keep the smile healthy and avoid periodontal disease and tooth decay is to take good care of the smile each and every day. Brushing and flossing is essential for removing food particles, sugars, and acids from the surfaces of the teeth and gums, and can be the best way to prevent problems. Additionally, patients need to schedule routine evaluations with their dentist to get an early and effective diagnosis of any issues that may arise.

Learn more about silver diamine fluoride treatments for both children and adults

At McDowell Dental Group, our providers are here to help children and adults in maintaining healthy smiles. If you are interested in discussing the benefits of this specialized fluoride treatment for protection of the teeth, contact our team by calling (215) 885-0555 for an appointment at our Abington, PA area practice. Drs. Gary and Ashley McDowell accept new patients and families seeking care at their practice, conveniently located at 1047 Old York Road.     

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