Can A Crown Fall Out?

Dental crownsAfter your dental crown procedure, you can’t imagine life without it! What may have been a daily endeavor of patience and resilience, having to deal with the pain of a tooth that wasn’t working properly, life with a crown feels right. Almost like a real tooth. You may have even forgotten it was there until what feels like tragedy strikes. Your crown has gone missing! Just like teeth, crowns undergo a lot of wear and tear, and just like teeth, even crowns can fall out. If you’re wondering what happens when a crown falls out, keep reading!

But First: What Is A Crown? 

A reminder for those with crowns, and an introduction to those who may be thinking of getting one but are unsure just exactly what it is: a dental crown is a restorative device that caps onto a tooth that is broken, weakened, or otherwise unable to do its toothly duties. There are many different types of crowns that have their particular uses, from porcelain, which can more closely resemble your teeth, to metallic crowns that can be very long-lasting.

Why Do Crowns Fall Out? 

Even though most dentists estimate the life of a dental crown to be as short as a decade and as long as two decades, crowns can become loose due to issues with the original procedure, can work improperly due to problems stemming from the tooth they are capped over, can become damaged due to typical use or accident. Something else to note is that a crown can also be lost due to bruxism, or teeth grinding. If you know that you grind your teeth, it’s imperative that you mention this to your dentist.

What Do I Do If I’ve Lost My Crown? 

See your dentist immediately. The main priority is to make sure that the area underneath the crown is safe from infection and injury. You can brush gently or rinse your mouth. Though you aren’t at risk of physical danger, many dentists would consider this an emergency and you should be able to get an appointment in a few days, at least. If you’re looking for professional care and attention, then call the McDowell Dental Group at 215-885-0555!

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