Effective TMJ Treatment Options You Should Know

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tmj treatment Millions of people throughout the world may suffer from temporomandibular joint dysfunction (TMJ), which can be a painful and disruptive condition. If you have TMJ, you are aware of the disruptions it can cause in your day-to-day activities. The good news is that there are TMJ treatments that can effectively reduce symptoms and enhance quality of life.

Before we delve into the treatment options, let’s briefly discuss what TMJ is and what causes it. The temporomandibular joint connects your jawbone to your skull, and when it doesn’t function properly, it can lead to a variety of symptoms. These may include jaw pain, clicking or popping shoulders, headaches, earaches, and difficulty opening or closing your mouth. TMJ can result from various factors such as stress, teeth grinding, misalignment of the jaw or teeth, arthritis, or injury.

Treatment Options

Oral appliances such as splints and mouthguards help reduce the impact of teeth grinding and clenching, two common causes of TMJ. These appliances can also help align your jaw properly.

If misaligned teeth are contributing to your TMJ issues, orthodontic treatment like braces or aligners may be recommended to improve jaw alignment. In severe cases, dental restorations like crowns or bridges may be needed to correct bite problems and relieve TMJ symptoms.

Injections of Botox can help relax the jaw muscles and lessen pain associated with TMJ. Usually, cases that don’t react to previous therapy are the ones that get this treatment.

Surgery is considered a last resort for severe TMJ cases that do not respond to conservative treatments. Procedures may involve repairing or replacing the joint, but these options are generally rare and come with associated risks.

Seeking Professional Help

While TMJ can be a challenging condition to manage, there are numerous effective treatment options available. By working closely with healthcare providers and making necessary lifestyle adjustments, you can find relief from TMJ symptoms and regain your quality of life. It’s important to note that TMJ treatment should be tailored to your specific needs and should always be discussed with a healthcare professional. Contact the McDowell Dental Group located in Abington, PA. Call 215-885-0555 to schedule a consultation for TMJ treatment.

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