How to tell If you Have a Cavity

Teeth Cleanings Abington, PAYou have been warned about cavities for basically your whole life. In fact, your parents may have even told you horror stories when you were a kid about what happens when you eat too much candy. Although a cavity isn’t going to necessarily make all of your teeth fall out and turn you into a nightmare from your childhood, it’s important that you get it taken care of from our office right away. But, if you have never had a cavity, you may not know what to even look for.

Visible Holes

There should be a hole in the center of your donut, but there should absolutely not be a visible hole in your tooth. A cavity is just that; a whole in your tooth that is caused by plaque build up or to much sugar which erodes away a the tooth and leaves it with a hole in it. If you can see a hole in your tooth, and it’s followed by some of the other signs in this article, you should definitely contact our office and have it looked at.


Toothaches are not normal and may be a sign of something like a cavity. If you experience a toothache anytime you bite down on something to eat or if you have an ache when you’re just sitting there, then you should definitely have it looked at by our office.

Tooth sensitivity

Tooth sensitivity within itself may not be a sign of cavity, but if it’s combined with some other things like a toothache then it may be. Either way, we can help you get rid of your tooth sensitivity so that you can eat your favorite foods (like ice cream) again.

The great thing about cavities is that as long as they are caught early on, we can fix them with a simple dental filling. To have your cavity filled or to schedule an appointment with us, contact our Abington office today and call us at (215) 885-0555.

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