When is the removal of wisdom teeth necessary?

Whether you are having problems with your wisdom teeth or find that they are not causing any problems, it is important to work with your dentist to determine if you may need wisdom tooth removal down the road. Some patients are able to keep their wisdom teeth, also known as third molars, without any problems, while others may experience significant issues that warrant removal.

Below are just a few of the situations that can arise that may cause a patient to consider the removal of one or more of their third molars:

  • Impaction – because the wisdom teeth are the last to erupt through the gumline, they are often left without enough room to do so. When this occurs, the teeth may become impacted below the gums. Impaction can cause the teeth to push against surrounding teeth and be unable to erupt, which in turn can cause pain and smile alignment issues. In situations such as this, a dentist will surgically remove the tooth to eliminate the issues.
  • Poor oral health – the wisdom teeth are extremely far in the back of the mouth, which can make them difficult to brush and floss. This, in turn, can lead to the formation of cavities or periodontal disease which can put the smile at risk. If patients are unable to keep their wisdom teeth clean, they may want to ask the team at McDowell Dental Group about simple extraction to remove them.
  • Orthodontic purposes – when patients are in their teen years and undergo orthodontic care to straighten their teeth, they want to keep the improvements for many years. Wisdom teeth that have not yet erupted can put the smile’s alignment at risk, so some dentists will have the wisdom teeth removed before they become a problem. This is done with surgical extraction before they erupt.

Discuss your wisdom teeth with our team today!

Drs. Gary McDowell and Ashley McDowell of McDowell Dental Group are pleased to provide patients in the Abington, PA community with solutions that will meet their needs and exceed their expectations when it comes to achieving and maintaining their oral health. If you are interested in learning more about the benefits of removing the wisdom teeth, call the office at (215) 885-0555 to request a consultation visit at 1047 Old York Road.

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