Smile! It Could Improve your Life

healthy smileAs you go about your day, do you notice the people around you? Do you notice also that you’re naturally drawn to those who smile more frequently? They say that smiles are contagious, and this is true; but this simple facial expression is also so much more.

Smiling and Creativity

Smiling produces biochemical reaction in the brain that prompts a number of positive activities. One study found that the increase in dopamine production that occurs when smiling led study participants to approach problems with a more comprehensive attitude then participants with more negative mindset. Men, in particular, handled unexpected problems with an increased ability to see the “big picture,” leading to better outcomes.

Smiling and Productivity

In addition to promoting a healthy flow of creative juices, smiling, and the neuropeptides that it evokes, can increase productivity by 12%. This is because neuropeptides such as dopamine and serotonin have a positive effect on mood. The better our mood, the more invigorated we feel and the more we can get done in a shorter period of time. Studies investigating happiness and productivity have been equally positive when performed on adults and on children. An interesting note about smiling and mood is that the brain reacts the same whether we smile genuinely or we force ourselves to “put on a happy face.” Indeed, it seems that doing so can accomplish just that!

Smiling and your Health

You might think that smiling could improve your health simply by putting you in a better mood or by reducing general stress. Studies also show, however, that when we smile the cells of our body relax. Less rigid, these cells are better protected against mutations that can lead to cancer and other illnesses. Blood samples taken after the act of smiling have also showed increased activity in white blood cells, those that are responsible for giving us heightened immunity against infection and disease.

Boost your mood and improve your life. Give yourself more reason to smile by visiting McDowell Dental Group to attend to your dental needs! We have over 50 years of experience between us, and a shared passion for helping our patient’s look and feel their best.

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