3 Ways to Get Your Kids Excited About Dental Care

pediatric dentistryThe good, the bad, and the ugly about parenthood is that around the age of two, children get their own opinions, tastes, and distastes in things. And although independence is a great thing to instill in children, it can sometime cause you some serious frustration to get them to do things they’re supposed to, like brush their teeth. If you can’t seem to get your little one to brush their teeth, try the following three tips.

  1. Sticker Chart

Little kids love the ability to cross things off a list and earn a prize or treat— that’s why they love sticker charts in particular. Every time your child brushes their teeth without throwing a temper tantrum or being reminded more than twice, they can earn a sticker. Once they receive 20 stickers, or whatever amount you decide on, they can win a prize.

  1. Fun Toothbrush

Another great way to get your little one to brush their teeth is to have them pick out their own toothbrush and toothpaste. If they are into Batman or Frozen, maybe they’ll find one of those characters on a toothbrush they love. By getting them excited about their toothbrush and toothpaste, you can get them excited about brushing their teeth both morning and night.

  1. Brush Together

Kids learn through example. If they see you being nice, they’ll likely be nice. If they hear you swearing, they might unfortunately pick up a swear word or two on the way. Try brushing your teeth with your child before bed and in the morning every day. By doing it together, you can not only lead by example but you can get them to see that it’s not such a bad chore afterall.

When it comes to getting your kids excited about brushing their teeth, it can seem like a virtually impossible task. However, by utilizing things like a sticker chart, getting them a fun toothbrush, and even brushing your teeth together, you can get them on the right track toward oral hygiene success.

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