What is the process of placing a dental filling?

Young Woman With Glass Of Fresh Water.Sometimes you know you have a cavity. You feel sensations when enjoying hot or cold beverages, or have a tinge of discomfort when enjoying a sugary piece of candy. Other times, you may not even know one exists. Because of this, it is vital that patients visit their dentist every six months as directed by the American Dental Association to monitor oral health and catch cavities in the earliest stages. At McDowell Dental Group of Abington, PA, we work routinely with patients who are diagnosed with a cavity and need to seek treatment. The most common way of treating areas of decay is with dental fillings.

What are dental fillings?

Dental fillings are the number one treatment for cavities. These fillings are made of a composite resin and are created to match the natural tooth enamel for seamless integration. With the help of our team, we can keep a cavity from becoming a bigger problem. The placement of the filling will stop the decay and protect the inner canals from infection. In some cases, where areas of decay are large, a filling may be placed along with a dental crown to ensure the tooth is protected from damage that can occur later on.

What is the process of receiving a dental filling?

Fillings are performed during a single dental visit. First, the patient will discuss any sedation that might be required to help them relax. Then, an injection of a numbing agent is used to deaden the sensation around the tooth. Once patients confirm that they are unable to feel any sensation, the dentist begins by removing the area of decay and cleaning the surrounding enamel. The dental filling is a composite resin that is administered and hardened with a curing light. This seals off the tooth with a cosmetic appearance and is complete with a quick file and polish.

Are you in need of a dental filling?

If you have been diagnosed with a cavity and want to work with a dental team in the Abington, PA area who has experience and skill in providing restoration of the natural tooth, contact Drs. Gary and Ashley McDowell by calling (215) 885-0555. The office is conveniently located at 1047 Old York Road and accepts new patients at the practice of McDowell Dental Group.

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Yes! After our long tenured residence at the Tempenns building, McDowell Dental Group will be relocating. In addition to the move we are changing our name to McDowell Dental & Aesthetics. Don’t worry, even though there are a lot of changes happening we are still committed to providing our patients with the same valued care we always have. Lead by Dr. Ashley McDowell the office will bring additional focus to cosmetic dentistry and facial aesthetics along with all general dentistry services. Dr. Ashley has been working tirelessly over the past year to create a state of the art practice utilizing the best equipment and latest technologies. We are so excited for everyone to see and enjoy our new office.


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